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Designated Survivor

I was recently watching a highly intense scene in a TV show where an FBI agent was in a race for time against the nemesis. As I watched I could pick out things she did wrong and things she did right but I did not consider the intensity level of what she was doing - the pressure of survival and human life.

What would I do if faced with the decision of my life for the lives of millions of others? Would I risk my life? Would I do what it took to destroy the enemy? What type of person would I need to be to make those type of decisions?

Everyone has a core value system in their life. We make our decisions based on those values. We build our life and teach our children based on those values. For some, death may come as a result of those values.

What does it take to believe in something so strongly that you would give your life to protect it?

To me, this is what real life is all about. It takes selflessness. It takes believing in something beyond your self. It takes knowing what you stand on and what you believe in.

You may not be an FBI agent or even have aspirations to be one some day, but do you have something in your life? Do you have something in your core value system that motivates you and drives you everyday because it is worth it.

Your value system kicks in during stressful times and intense moments. It makes those tough decisions, those tough choices. It tells you what the right thing to do will be.

I challenge you! Define your core values! What is it that has a depth in you like nothing else? What is worth life itself to you?

Discovering Life Together!


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