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Four Choices When We Offend

We've all done it!

We've all offended someone at one time or another. We've all experienced different responses as a result.

When we offend someone we basically have four choices:

1. We can apologize

2. We can ignore it and walk away

3. We can stay and defend ourselves and our choice to offend

4. If we apologize and they do not forgive - then what?

Let's look at choice number four a little closer...

If we apologize and the person does not forgive us then what do we do?

Do we try harder with our apology?

Do we offer to pay penance for the rest of our lives?

Do we keep trying for the rest of our lives to persuade them to let us off the hook?

At what time does it end if the person will not forgive?

If the person chooses not to forgive then you must let it go! You have done all that you can to correct the wrong. You must let it go!

You are not responsible for that person's choice! You cannot choose for them. You must let them choose for themselves. It is emotionally unhealthy for you to take on the responsibility to pay for that offense for the rest of your life.

You cannot have a healthy relationship with someone who does not forgive. They will hold resentment and bitterness toward you and it will poison the relationship. You can't trust without forgiveness.

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