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I empower people to live life with intention and purpose by coaching them to DISCOVER their value in who they are and what they do best in life!


I love the adventure of living life with intention and a purpose in mind! I don’t allow myself to just sit back and watch life go by. I decided a few years ago that I would step out of my comfort zone and step into a roller coaster adventure ride, experiencing all that I never allowed myself to consider as possible for my life. 

Let me introduce myself...

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After serving with an organization for 18 years as a faith based counselor, I decided to become my own boss and opened Discovery Place where I began coaching others to discover who they really are and what is possible for them to accomplish in life. 


With Empathy as my top Strengths Finder personality theme, I naturally understand people and their desire to simply be valued. With Connectedness and Harmony as well, I help people to see the big picture of how to step out of their past and into a new way of thinking. With Learner and Input finishing out my top five strengths, I seek to constantly learn more to increase my skill in coaching others to step into life and really begin living.

I love encouraging people to believe in themselves and what they can be and do in life not only for themselves, but for their world as well. In addition to my coaching practice I also post encouraging words and helpful life hacks on social media and an occasional blog entry. I also have a monthly email letter called Life Discoveries where I post interesting finds I discover online each week. 


If you want to chat with me, connect with me here!


Discovering Life Together!



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