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Transitions - My Perfect Storm

One of my most memorable transitions was early in life when I got married, moved to a large city from a small town, and started my first job all in the same week! Yes it was a major week of transition in my life!

Looking back on it right now, I believe that my longing for change played a role in minimizing the impact for this transition.

Change was my motivation, plus I was in love with my hubby, which helped too! He was my rational, common sense, unconditional loving support during all of this change.

Was I ready for all of this? Not really. I thought I was at age 19 but I knew nothing of what was ahead. But that was part of the adventure! Did I look at it as adventure at that time? Not really.

It took a while to find a comfortable fit to becoming a wife and working to support us while my husband went to class, he was still in college, and learning to realize that everyone was not out to attack me in downtown Birmingham, contrary to popular belief in a small town!

It was a process, but eventually I learned and adapted and even excelled in my new transition world. Even though it was not easy, I learned so much from that perfect storm of transition. I learned what I could do when I set my mind to it. I learned to trust my abilities. I learned that challenges will be a part of life and I don’t have to fear them, but I can use them to learn and mature.

What would I change if I could have a do over? I would definitely spend more time in preparation and seek more advice so I could learn from other’s experiences before launching out on my own. Life transitions do not have to be blind leaps into the unknown. Wise counsel and thorough planning can minimize the risk of any endeavor.

But now, that time has become one of the treasured chapters in the story of my life! What about you? What is your story? If things haven’t turned out the way you hoped and believed they would it is not too late to change the ending. Let’s talk and find out how to turn the page, or start a new chapter in your life.

Discovering Life Together!


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