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Seven Things to Remember When Starting a New Business

It's been almost a year now since I began taking the beginning steps to starting my own business. It all began with a thought. The thought developed into a vision. The vision began to take on a reality with each step of planning and preparing.

Some people say you have to be brave to start a business of your own. I don't know about brave but you do have to have a passion, a drive, and a vision in your heart and mind that can thrust you through the steps and disappointments and discouragement that can meet you at the door of transition.

What started as a glimmer of thought began to grow as I fed it day by day and dared to see the possibilities.

So much fear can keep us from stepping into dreams, desires, and possibilities in our life. Thoughts like,

"I'm not sure I could actually do that!"

"Who am I kidding?"

" I should just stay where it's safe!"

"What if...."

We end up giving in to those negative, defeating, dream crushing thoughts and staying in our own safe little corner of the world.

If the dream is in you, you have the raw material to see your dream fulfilled. All you need to do is add knowledge and skill.

Dare to step out into the adventure of life and experience what it's like to really live your life with purpose and intention in fulfilling your dreams.

I normally hate roller coasters. I am much more of a stay-on-the- ground-and-watch kind of person. However, when I decided to transition into my full time business, it was like stepping onto a roller coaster ride that would definitely be an adventure and the ride of my life.

I felt like if I could just make the decision, I would experience more of life than I had ever thought was possible.

Here are seven statements of encouragement for those of you who just need a nudge:

1. Don't be afraid to dream! Fear is your enemy! Allow yourself to think about the possibilities.