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Difficulties, Setbacks, Disappointments

"Difficulties mastered are opportunities won" Winston Churchill

I had a perfectly great routine going in my life. I was reaching and expanding my goals and was really amazed at what I had been able to accomplish.

THEN...I was faced with a minor surgery that needed to be done and there would be some recovery time involved.

My great daily routine...abruptly stopped!

You really learn a lot about yourself when you are faced with difficulties and disappointments and setbacks. You learn that things are never going to be perfect and smooth 100% of the time.

You learn what you are capable of doing that you didn't think you could ever do.

You learn what's really inside that you had not discovered yet about yourself.

Your thoughts and focus make all the difference during trying times. What you look at during difficult times will determine the direction you go and how fast you get there.

You have a choice! You can become negative and expect the worst OR you can keep a positive expectation and find the possibilities.

When you believe you can do it, you CAN!

Discovering Life Together!


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