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Are You Ready To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone?

Comfort Zones...

We all operate in them. They are called comfort zones because we feel safe and comfortable in those places or with those people. They are proven by experience or by ideas taught to us.

Life is safe in the comfort zone!

When we think of stepping out of that comfort zone we usually think of the worst that could happen. We get overwhelmed in thought and decide it’s just not worth it.

But what if our thoughts led us to the best thing that could happen instead of the worst???

What if we dared to imagine that good could actually come out of stepping out of our comfort zones?

There are people all over the world, every year that push past their normal belief of what they can do both physically and mentally.

Athletes do it every day. We see new world records happen every year. We hear of more and more people braving the extreme cold with much endurance and mental belief, as they climb Mt. Everest one step at a time.

Life exists and thrives outside our comfort zones!

Your biggest dreams exist outside your comfort zone!

So what is stopping you? FEAR! Fear of the unknown, your abilities, reality. Energy level as well is a contributing factor. It may just take too much energy for you to step out and do something different or to consider new goals in your life.

Here are 3 things to remember when considering stepping out of your comfort zones:

1. It's a decision that starts in your brain. There is no obligation to at least consider and ponder the idea.

2. Look at the best thing that could happen if you stepped out. Make a list even of the best things that could happen.

3. Be willing to believe that you can do it and you will do it.

What comfort zone can you step out of this week?

Discovering Life Together!


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