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Hidden Potential

So much of life is hidden to the eye of the one that only looks at surface.

Think of an iceberg. What we see above the water is only the tip. The largest part is below the surface of the ocean.

People are like that too. We only see what is revealed. We only see what people believe about themselves. We only see often what people think we want to see.

I believe that a large percentage of people never reach their full potential in life because they just don't look for what is beneath the facade of the false truth they have built about themselves from parents, friends, peers, events, and other influencers.

I label myself a treasure hunter of potential in people. I find and reveal what is under the surface of a person. I pull out those things that are authentic and original that make the person who they really are.

I always believe that there is tremendous potential in every human no matter what they have learned from negative influencers in their life.

I see it as helping them to escape the cocoon that they have been trapped in and help them find freedom to fly.

You have the ability as well to be treasure hunters. Some of you are in key positions in other's lives to direct a person toward a life of fulfilling their potential or living a life a so much less and settling for whatever life sends their way. Some examples of key positions are:

* Parents

* Spouses

* Teachers

* Managers / Bosses

* Pastors

* Sunday School Teachers

If you are in these key positions, try looking for the best in people. Verbalize what you see that they do best, that they excel in doing. Verbalize what you appreciate about them. Verbalize to them they are capable of so much more in their life. Encourage them. Let them know that you believe in them.

Be a treasure hunter!

Discovering Life Together!


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