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Keeping Life In Your Lifestyle

I live a simplistic life compared to many people.

I am an empty nest parent, so no children or teens in my home.

My plans usually only include my husband who happily defers to me when it comes to making plans for us.

My time outside of work simply includes house cleaning, grocery shopping, simple errands, mindless TV binges, reading, etc.

What is missing in my simplistic life?

Fun activity! Activity that includes adventure, challenge, exploration, family, friends, and life in general!

So, this month I designed myself a bucket list for the Autumn season. I listed all kinds of activities that I could do by myself, with family, or with friends.

I have not added more to my calendar. I have simply shifted and re-prioritized my time. I have planned more activity that will involve enjoying this season and experiencing life around me.

This is a big deal for me says the homebody! Yes it is a big deal but a great challenge that will be so worth it for my mental and physical health. And since I am all about healthy choices, this list is a good thing!

So what about you? Do you need to re-prioritize your calendar? Does your calendar include life giving, life experiencing activities that will improve your sense of well being? The best way to guarantee experiencing life is to plan it!

Take some time to re-prioritize. Have fun with your life!

Discovering life together,


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