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Purpose in Transition - Is It Time To Come Out of Your Box?

When people ask me, "How do I know what my purpose is in life?", I tell them to look at what is on the inside.

1. What are your desires?

2. What are your passions?

3. What is that thing that you seem to be good at naturally?

Those are clues of what you hold for your future.

We are continually transitioning and learning and experiencing from one season to the next. With everything you learn and experience in the current season, it is usually used in the next season in some way. Building on each season is a normal part of our lives.

As the vision within becomes clearer, your perspective and focus will become different. You will begin to see things you have not seen before and feel a passion that maybe you haven't felt before.

The vision is capable of expanding and growing from where you see yourself now to where you can be in the future. Enlarge the capacity of your small, boxed in mindsets and dreams and allow them to expand and fill up with your potential in life.

As we begin to step into our purpose and potential in life, others will naturally benefit from who we are and what we do best.

You have value. You have uniqueness. Others need YOU! It's time to transition into understanding and stepping into your purpose!

Discovering Life Together!


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