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The Habit of Learning

One of my strengths that I use everyday is learning.

I have always loved learning. I can remember as a child getting ready for school to start for the year. I would get my new notebooks and pencils and dividers for my 3 ring notebooks and anything else that I could possibly add to my school experience.

I was just excited to be back in school!

Learning keeps a freshness and movement in your life that keeps your life going forward instead of getting stagnant.

Here are some ways that you can learn on a daily basis:

1. Read books

2. Listen to podcasts

3. Read blogs

4. Listen to TED Talks

5. Follow informative people or businesses on Social Media

6. Meet people who have different viewpoints than you. This will challenge you to know why you believe what you believe. Also will encourage you to accept others even though you don't agree with them.

7. Have conversations with others about different subjects. Start a discussion group.

Implement the knowledge you gain in some way in your life. This will increase your ability to digest and learn more efficiently.

Then share the information with others. This again is just another level of comprehending the knowledge you have gained.

Learning changes your life! Start the daily habit today!

Discovering Life Together!


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