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The Power of Attitude

When my children were young and I would ask them to do something like clean their room or help wash the dishes, their attitude would determine whether or not that job was going to be pleasant or drudgery. Sometimes the attitude would even call for discipline which was never their goal in life.

When they would disagree with the job I gave them, MY attitude would determine, as well, how smoothly the task would be completed as well as the entire atmosphere of the house.

There is tremendous power in attitude! It can change your life for good or destroy your life.

It can be the difference between a loss or a win - good outcome or bad outcome - saving the relationship or losing the relationship.

You can have problems in your life. But, when it comes down to reality, maybe it is your attitude toward the problem that is really the problem.

Your attitude reflects your thoughts or mind set. Negative thoughts reflect bad attitude. So if you change your thoughts, you will change your attitude.

So, are there some things you would like to change in your life?

Don't have an entitled attitude that someone else needs to do for you what you need to do for yourself! It's not about someone else changing to make your life happier. It's about you changing!

You determine your happiness. Get your attitude right and you will see more peace, contentment, and joy in your life.

Discovering Life Together!


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