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Christmas Cheer OR Bah Humbug?

Christmas season has started at my house! Every Christmas is different for me since my home became an empty nest. Last year because of house renovations, I didn't put up a Christmas tree for the first time EVER! This year though, I've already begun the festivities!

Christmas has always been a happy time in my life. As a child, it was always kept as a magical time around my home. The wonder of it kept me anticipating the arrival of Christmas morning!

Christmas for me now is filled with giving and time with friends and family. It's a time of wonder and excitement and anticipation of good and much JOY!

For many though, Christmas is a bother, a reminder of money they don't have or reminder of loved ones no longer in their lives. It becomes a season of torment and depression and filled with negativity.

I have counseled many over the years that carry a deep sadness during the holiday season because they only focus on what they don't have.

Christmas is originally all about life, new life, new hope, anticipation of new beginnings. It is meant of be a time of gladness and JOY! But that is only when we focus on what we have instead of what we don't have.

If you have the bah humbug attitude toward Christmas, I encourage you to allow yourself to focus on the good, what you have in your life that is priceless! It's time to move forward from your past with thanksgiving for what you have in your present!

The choice is yours! It really is a choice!

Discovering Life Together!


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